PRESTAN Instructor Kit

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PRESTAN Instructor Kit
PRESTAN Instructor Kit
  • PRESTAN Instructor Kit

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Introducing the PRESTAN Instructor Kit: The Ultimate CPR Training Solution

Equip yourself with the ultimate CPR instructor training solution with the PRESTAN Instructor Kit. Perfect for both new and seasoned instructors, this comprehensive kit combines PRESTAN's top Professional CPR Training Manikins, AED UltraTrainers®, and essential CPR training supplies, all neatly packaged in a portable, heavy-duty canvas bag for easy transportation.

What's Included:

  • (2) Professional Adult Manikins with CPR Feedback (1 Medium Skin Tone, 1 Dark)
  • (2) Professional Infant Manikins with CPR Feedback (1 Medium Skin Tone, 1 Dark)
  • (2) AED UltraTrainers (English/Spanish)
  • (2) Female Accessory for Adult Manikins (1 Medium Skin Tone, 1 Dark)
  • (2) Adult CPR Manikin Training Shirts
  • (2) Infant CPR Manikin Training Shirts
  • (50) Adult Face-Shield/Lung-Bag
  • (50) Infant Face-Shield/Lung-Bag
  • (2) Adult Bag Valve Mask (for training purposes)
  • (2) Infant Bag Valve Mask (for training purposes)
  • (4) PRESTAN Kneeling Pads
  • (1) Heavy-Duty Carry Bag with Roller Wheels & Telescopic Handle

Key Features:

  • Realistic Training: PRESTAN Professional Adult and Infant Manikins offer lifelike features, realistic skin feels, and precise anatomical details, enhancing the CPR learning experience.
  • CPR Feedback Technology: Both Adult and Infant Manikins are equipped with CPR Rate Monitors, providing instant feedback on compression rate and depth for both instructor and student.
  • AED Training Addition: The AED UltraTrainer® offers a compact, customizable, and lifelike AED training experience, complete with the patented PRESTAN Pad Sensing System for automatic detection of when each pad is placed on the manikin.
  • Female CPR Training Option: The Female Accessory securely fits onto the Professional Adult Manikin torso allowing instructors to provide CPR/AED training tailored to the female body.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Included kneeling pads ensure comfort during prolonged training sessions, while the heavy-duty carry bag with wheels and telescopic handle makes transportation effortless.

All products in this kit fully comply with industry guidelines, including the latest AHA Integrated Feedback Directive, and are available in Diversity Kits to accommodate various skin tones. All PRESTAN CPR Training Manikins and AED Trainers come with a three-year limited warranty, guaranteeing quality and reliability under normal use.

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