Frequently Asked Questions about AEDs and AEDSuperstore

We’ve compiled the most common questions we get about AEDs, accessories, buying a defibrillator and proper usage and maintenance. If you can’t find your question or don’t see the info you’re looking for, click here to ask your question and we’ll get back to you right away! For an in-depth, comprehensive guide to purchasing an AED, download our Ultimate AED Buyer’s Guide.

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Does AEDSuperstore sell refurbished AEDs?

Yes, AEDSuperstore sells refurbished AEDs. Please visit our pre-owned AED page for current availability.

My company needs a W-9 so we can set your company up in our system. How do I get one?

What is your Federal Tax ID #?


What is your GSA/VA Contract #?

V797D-50533 (ends: August 31, 2023)

I am from a church; can I still get the School and Community Value Package?

Absolutely! Our packages are designed to make it easy and affordable to get everything you need to safely implement an AED program. Feel free to select whichever package best suits your needs.

Can I lock an AED cabinet purchased from AEDSuperstore?

No. We do not sell locking AED cabinets. Many cabinets include an alarm to notify others the cabinet is being opened and keys to disable the alarm when opening the cabinet in a non-rescue situation. We encourage customers to purchase an alarm and strobe with their cabinet to deter theft, but DO NOT recommend locking AED cabinets, because valuable life-saving time would be lost trying to locate a key.

S. Joanne Dames - MD, MPH

Updated: 9/04/2019