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AED Sentinel
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Upgrade your AED security with the AED Sentinel remote monitoring system! Cellular-connected smart monitoring cameras are easily secured to the inside of your AED cabinets with included Velcro or in custom, portable AED carrying cases.

AED Sentinel monitors AED status indicators and notifies you when an AED needs maintenance. AED Sentinel also sends an alert when an AED cabinet or carrying case is opened.

How Does It Work?

1: AED Sentinel captures daily photos of AED status indicators or when triggered by the opening of AED cabinets or cases.

2: Images and notifications are transmitted to our Arch AED Program Management software through a secure cellular network for analysis and action.

3: Email alerts about AED status changes, AED access, and battery/pad replacements are transmitted to designated Arch users.

4: Program managers can take the appropriate action needed.


  • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts
    • Conducts daily checks to help ensure your AEDs are ready for action
    • Receive alerts for AED readiness, battery/pad replacements, and cabinet door or case openings, helping to ensure continuous preparedness
  • Universal Compatibility
    • Designed to monitor all AED makes and models
    • Works with existing AED cabinets
  • Smart Camera Technology
    • User-friendly, easy-to-install smart monitoring cameras that capture photos of AED status
    • Sends alerts when an AED has been accessed or requires attention
  • Secure Cellular Communications
    • No IT expertise required
    • Eliminates complicated Wi-Fi setups and provides reliable connectivity
  • Stationary and Portable Monitoring Options
    • Install AED Sentinel to any existing AED cabinets for added stationary security
    • Use custom, portable AED carrying cases for on-the-go readiness
  • International* Fleet Monitoring
    • Provides a global* solution for monitoring AED fleets to help provide consistent oversite and readiness across borders
  • Long Battery Life and Warranty
    • 4-year min battery life – notification will be provided when the battery gets low
    • 3-year hardware warranty
    • Minimized maintenance and replacement concerns

What’s Included:

  • AED Sentinel smart monitoring camera
  • Secure, independent cellular communications
  • Use of online Arch AED Program Management software

AED Sentinel integrates into Arch Program Management software to digitally document every AED inspection with AED status pictures.

*Not available in every country, contact customer service for global opportunities

*Cabinet and AED are not included.

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