AED electrode pads are crucial components of your AED that must be kept fresh. As the electrode pads age, the adhesive gel breaks down, which can result in a weak connection between patient and AED. As a result, replacing your AED pads is crucial to making sure your AED will be ready in an emergency.


A crucial part of any successful AED initiative is keeping your defibrillators ready for use in any SCA emergency. Regular AED maintenance including monitoring and replacing aed pads and batteries is an absolute must in keeping your units ready for action. To aid you in keeping your AEDs ready for action, we carry a wide range of AED pads, replacement AED batteries, and other important accessories from all major AED suppliers.

Visit our AED Battery and Electrode pads FAQ page to learn more.

At AED Superstore we take sudden cardiac arrest extremely seriously and understand that well-maintained equipment and the right information can be the difference between a successful emergency rescue and a life lost. Keep your equipment ready and be sure to let us know how we can help.

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