Rechargeable Battery Recycling
AEDSuperstore® Battery Recycling Program

Preserve the environment; Recycle your rechargeable batteries.

RecycleAEDSuperstore® is committed to the RBRC Call2Recycle™ program to offer environmentally safe, cost-effective battery disposal and recycling for all our customers.
Simply ship, via UPS or FedEx, your expired and/or dead AED/defibrillator batteries to us and we will handle the rest! Your only obligation is the cost of shipping for your used batteries. Before you ship out your old battery, make sure you pick up a replacement battery and some electrode pads to keep your AED ready to rescue!

Please follow these simple guidelines:
     • When applicable, make sure to fully discharge batteries before shipping.
     • Ship only one chemistry battery per box.
     • If shipping more than one battery, package the batteries in a manner such that they do not make contact with each other during shipping.
Please ship any batteries for recycling to:

Battery Recycling
1800 US Hwy 51 N
Woodruff, WI 54568

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